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photo by Kyle Ericksen

  In '85-'88 Cheryl created the Art Seed project for inmates at the Springfield State Prison, SD with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts through the SD Arts Council, and, from Marlon Brando. Art Seed included mentoring, providing classes, hosting visiting artists, professors, and an inmate arts club. 

  In '89 Cheryl joined the SDAC Artists in Schools roster through the NEA. Classes focused on clear visual perception, and experimental group projects. Commissioned work includes installations and murals in medical institutions and museums. Personal work has leaned toward sculpture, and jewelry fabrication. 

  Most art-related work satisfies her love for visual problem solving. But in 2016 she committed to work with one medium. With prior interest in photography, and encouragement from photographer Chip Simone, Cheryl chose photography, asking Chip to be her mentor. He was an influential professor of hers at the University of South Dakota, and is a respected, published photographer with work in prestigious collections. 

  With her photographs she has exhibited a one person show about the beginning of her photographic journey, accompanied a magazine article, and a friends' artwork in Bushwick, New York. This fall, 2019 her work is part of "Land of Plenty"; an exhibit at the Washington Pavillion in Sioux Falls, SD. And in 2020 her photos will be in a shared local exhibit.  

     From rural Springfield, SoDakota, Cheryl has a BFA from the University of South Dakota. 


I don't want to end up simply having visited this world. >Mary Oliver

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